Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Strange Fruit

Plate of lychees
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One minor obsession we developed on our trip was the need to identify and taste as many different fruit as we could find. One tropical fruit that is actually not uncommon in the US is the lychee. A lychee is about the size of a golf ball with a thin but tough reddish brown skin. The inside is a translucent white and has a small seed in the center.

The taste is very sweet with the texture of canned pears. Canned lychees can be found in better grocery stores and can be bought fresh in the dedicated Asian supermarkets.

In the US, we rarely see the lychee still on the branch with leaves like in this picture. These were a complimentary gift from the Soffitel Metropole in Hanoi. As you can see from the small plate of skin and seeds next to the lychees, we were well into the bunch before we stopped to take a picture.

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